North West Leicestershire

The Hex Card is a loyalty scheme and marketing platform that allows businesses to reward their customers for shopping locally.

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The Hex Card is the only district loyalty scheme that rewards local people for shopping in North West Leicestershire. They can visit any participating business – including shops, restaurants, and more – and present the Hex Card when they make a purchase, allowing them to save points and redeem them for the rewards they want.

For businesses, taking part in the Hex Card scheme is vital. Thanks to your local authority investing in the high streets it covers, the Hex Card is council funded for the first 12 months. That means you won’t need to pay any additional fees to run the scheme, leaving your funds free to invest in other areas of your business.

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The Hex scheme is simple to use and runs on your existing mobile or tablet device. You can either simply download the app to scan customer cards yourself, or we recommend using a customer-facing tablet linked to your scheme, where customers can scan their own cards without you needing to do anything.

The Hex Card scheme can be used on multiple mobile or tablet devices within one store, so your staff can use as many devices as required. All transactions are sent to the same cloud-based platform that hosts your loyalty scheme.

Once you have your scheme set up and your device in place, all your customers have to do is present their card at the point of transaction, and they’ll be able to collect points from their purchase. Once they’ve collected enough points, they can be redeemed for the unique rewards you have set.

If you’re ready to set up the Hex Card in your business today, please download the digital onboarding pack using the button below. It contains everything you need to get started, broken down into easy tutorials.

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Although the Hex Card can be used in any participating businesses across North West Leicestershire, each business has a loyalty scheme that is completely unique. You can design it to suit your requirements, with elements that are entirely editable, such as:

  • How your customers earn points (e.g. 1 point per £1)
  • Adding points events (such as double or triple points on certain days, or during a certain time period)
  • Time or person limited rewards (redeemable during a certain period or just once per cardholder)
  • Digital rewards codes

All of these things can be adjusted in real time for business or council events, so all you need to do is log into your account to make the changes.

You can connect your account to an in-store mobile or tablet device. If using a tablet, you can set it at a customer-facing orientation and allow customers to scan their own cards, or you can use your mobile to scan each card yourself. Download the app using the button below.

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You’ll also be able to access marketing tools, so you can use the email addresses you’ve collected from customers who signed up to your loyalty scheme to send out email marketing campaigns. This encourages further footfall, therefore increasing your revenue even further.

When you sign up to take part, you’ll receive a digital onboarding pack that contains everything you need to get set up, and we’ll also be on hand to help if you need us. After the set up is complete, all you need to do is sit back and watch the members of the Hex Card scheme come to you. It’s as simple as it sounds.

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Book an onboarding session.

With our series of fifteen minute sessions, you’ll be able to ask any questions you have to help get set up on the Hex loyalty platform quickly and easily.

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Saving on your shopping and supporting your local high street is crucial for everyone now, and that makes the Hex Card is the perfect addition to your wallet.

There are two ways that you can take part in the Hex scheme: simply by picking up a physical card in a participating shop, or by downloading the app to use a digital rewards card. If you download the app and decide to use a physical card later down the line, you can easily link both cards to your account. Download the app using the button below.

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Local retailers that are taking part will be identifiable by a sticker in their shop window. When you visit a business that’s participating in the Hex Card scheme, all you need to do is present your card at the point of purchase and scan it. It really is that easy to earn points!

Retailers that accept the Hex Card will be visible by a window sticker

The points you collect can be redeemed for rewards. Each business sets their own unique rewards based on what their customers love best. There’s guaranteed to be some fantastic rewards available!

In the first three months of the Hex Card's launch, it has been a great success!
Local councillor Tony Gillard said, " "Our town centres are starting to thrive again thanks in part to this initiative, and I would encourage all businesses to make use of the free trial before it ends in December."
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